The 6 Most Outstanding Chiapas Economic Activities - science - 2023



The main economic activities in Chiapas they are commerce, real estate services, mining extraction, agriculture and tourism. The largest sector is the tertiary.

This is reflected in official figures from 2016 from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), which indicate that the areas of commerce, tourism and the provision of services are the most relevant. These types of activities represent 70.4% of the economy of Chiapas.

Then there is the secondary sector (manufacturing) with 22.6% participation in the economic sphere. Finally, there is the primary sector, which includes agricultural, fishing and mining activities, with an incidence of 7% in the state economy.

The main economic activities of Chiapas

1- Trade

It represents the economic activity most exercised in the entire state. According to INEGI, small businesses and wholesaling represent 18.2% of the Chiapas economy.

Chiapas currently has more than 50,000 commercial premises dedicated to the purchase and sale of products of various kinds. Consequently, this economic activity represents the bulk of the economic flow of the area.

2- Agriculture

Chiapas is an important producer of banana, coffee cherry and oil palm, all recognized for their excellent quality. Chiapas is the main producer of these items in Mexico.

Also noteworthy are the production of fruits such as mango, papaya and coconut, in addition to cabbage, sugar cane, cocoa and peanuts.

Beekeeping has also had a significant boom in recent years, as an economic practice in rural areas.

3- Tourism

Chiapas has invested significant resources in infrastructure and a culture of service to serve the thousands of tourists who visit its attractions throughout the year.

This state has the largest jungle reserve in all of Mexico: the Lacandon jungle. In addition, its spaces are suitable for extreme sports and ecotourism.

Chiapas has other important tourist destinations, within the framework of the archaeological remains of the Mayan culture, such as Bonampak and the Palenque National Park.

The beaches of Tonalá, Puerto Arista, Boca del Cielo, Barra Zacapulco, Barra San Simón and Chocohuital are destinations that offer spectacular landscapes that constantly promote the practice of tourism.

4- Mining and oil extraction

INEGI figures indicate that this activity represents 8% of the Chiapas economy. This includes oil extraction and sulfur production.

Chiapas is the third largest sulfur producer in the nation, just after Tabasco and Nuevo León. In addition, it has abundant oil fields and electric power generation.

5- Real estate services

As indicated by INEGI, this commercial activity represents 15.4% of the state economy of Chiapas.

This section includes the purchase and / or sale of real estate, as well as the rental of movable and intangible property, and the administrative and legal procedures for the transfer of real estate.

6- Amber extraction

Special mention deserves the extraction of amber from Chiapas, a state that generates around 90% of all production in Mexico. That is why this fossil resin is one of the symbols of the region, and its use is very popular in making accessories and handicrafts.


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