Meaning of Nexo - encyclopedia - 2023



What is Nexo:

Nexo is a grammar connectorused in a sentence to join two ideas or statements and it is a linguistic resource that helps to give coherence and cohesion to the writing of a text.

Nexus derives from Latin nexus which means knot or entanglement. Nexo is synonymous with connector.

The grammatical links or connectors indicate the relationship of the meaning of the sentences. The links serve to give meaning (coherence) and build a network of relationships that link prayer with prayer. Conjugations and prepositions, for example, are links.

See also However and However.

In a general sense, nexus refers to a link, union, knot between two people, institutions or concepts such as, for example, "mummies are a historical and cultural nexus with a distant civilization."

Types of nexus

The links or connectors are classified into the following types:

Nexus or connectorExample
Adversative nexusHowever; Nevertheless; Nevertheless; otherwise; though; but
Causal linksince; as; well; because
Comparative nexusless than; more than; What; such as; worst than
Conditional nexusprovided; as long as; as long as; Yes; but; but yes; on condition that
Consecutive linkso; soon; therefore; therefore; Consequently
Copulative nexusneither; Y; and; what
Distributional nexusnow ... now; well well; as soon as; sometimes ... other times
Disjunctive nexusor; O well
Space nexusin the background; in the middle
Explanatory linkfor example; I mean; that is to say; this is
Nexus of purpose or goalin order to; what for; for

Example of the use of links

Below are different examples in which the use of links or connectors can be appreciated.

  • This afternoon I went for a walk with Ana Y Luis.
  • I like cold, Nevertheless I prefer hot weather.
  • What do you prefer, go to the movies or to the theater.
  • We have to stop the work Consequently It will not be completed on the scheduled date.
  • You must pay your water bill on time in order to you avoid a fine.
  • Maria is so tall What Pedro.