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What is A swallow does not make a summer:

One swallow does not make a summer, it is a popular saying that warn that of theConfirmation of a single fact cannot be deduced as a rule or general rule.

Swallows are birds that migrate long or short distances since they are characterized by settling in places with favorable climates to survive, and in the winter season they flock many kilometers to locate in areas that have warm climates and with availability of food and habitat. Also, they lay their eggs and give birth to their young.

In consideration of the above, the arrival of a single swallow to an area is not synonymous with the coming of summer, since one could have been ahead. This paremia can be carried into the daily life of the human being, and determine that an indication that is not met regularly cannot be seen as a norm or general rule.

It is a popular saying, and widely used, and can be used in countless situations in everyday life. For example: an individual who migrates to another country and his experience has not been the best due to the difficulty of finding work and stabilizing in the new country, does not imply that every individual who goes to the same place will fare in the same way in the search for their economic and social stability.

The saying as such, presents its own variants such as: "a swallow does not make summer, not a single blessed virtue", "not a finger makes a hand, not a swallow summer", "not a flower makes summer, not a swallow summer ”.

On the other hand, the proverb was used by the writer Miguel de Cervantes, in the book “The ingenious hidalgo Don Quixote de la mancha”: “–With all that –said the traveler–, it seems to me, if I don't remember correctly, to have Read that Don Galaor, brother of the courageous Amadís de Gaula, never had a designated lady to whom he could entrust himself; and, with all this, he was not looked down upon, and was a very brave and famous gentleman. To which our Don Quixote replied: –Sir, a single swallow does not make a summer.

The philosophical Aristotle, in the book "Nicomachean Ethics" expressed: "Because a swallow does not make a summer, not a single day, and thus it does not make a single day or a short time blissful and happy".

In English, for its part, the saying "a swallow does not travel" translates as "One swallow does not make a summer", used in the same sense.

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