Region Meaning - encyclopedia - 2023



What is Region:

Region is a territorial area delimited by common characteristics that may be geographical, cultural, political or economic.

In general, a region is synonymous with an area or zone. It is defined by a geographic space that encompasses one or more attributes.

In this sense, it can refer to a cardinal point such as the north, center or south region of a country or State.

In turn, regions can be geopolitically defined territorial spaces in a country, as is the case of Chiapas being a region of Mexico and the region of Tarapacá in Chile.

A continent can also be divided by regions according to its different climates such as temperate regions, Caribbean regions, Mediterranean regions or tropical regions.

Types of regions

A region is defined according to its common characteristics. In this way it can be divided into several types of regions such as:

  • Natural or geographic region: it is characterized by sharing similar climate, flora and fauna, such as a tropical region or a maritime region.
  • Cultural region: contains groups that share the same cultural identity, such as the Andean region or the Mayan region.
  • Economic or socioeconomic region: they group areas where there are economic agreements such as, for example, the Mesoamerican region made up of a part of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize and the western part of Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua.
  • Political or administrative region: division made by States for their political and sovereign administration that may contain natural, economic or cultural criteria such as, for example, the pampa region in Argentina.

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Natural or geographic region

In geography, a natural or geographic region is a territory limited by natural borders where a similar type of climate, flora and fauna are shared.

In this way we can identify, for example, the polar region that is located in North America, Europe and Russia.

See also Natural regions.

Cultural region

A cultural region is defined by the meeting of a common cultural identity that may be different from the political, natural or economic definition of the same region. It is generally associated with places where there are still settlements of native peoples.

See also Cultural identity.

This is the case of the Mayan region that extends through the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico or the Guaraní region that includes Paraguay, western Brazil and northwestern Argentina.

Wild region

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