Meaning of Fame - encyclopedia - 2023



What is Fame:

As fame we mean the condition of someone who is famous, to the opinion that people have formed about something or someone, or to a widespread news about something. The word comes from Latin fame.

People who have a certain degree of fame are generally public or famous figures, widely known or reputed, that receive great attention from the media and the public.

Thus, fame is prevalent among actors, singers, athletes or great artists, as well as among politicians, high-profile businessmen. In fact, there are enclosures like halls of fame to extol the athletic prowess of athletes, or the Hall of Fame, to recognize the work of great actors.

However, nowadays also people who have not done any feats, like a star of reality show or the heir to a vast fortune, they may become famous and popular.

Fame, however, is also the opinion that we form in other people as a result of our actions, words or decisions. Thus, we can create a good fame, comparable to a good reputation, or a notoriety, that is, a negative opinion about us.

See also Success.

In this regard, there is a saying that speaks of this: "Create fame and go to sleep", according to which once others have formed a good or bad opinion about you, it takes little work to keep it.

Synonyms of fame they can be reputation, prestige, popularity, notoriety, renown.

In English, fame translates as fame. For example: "The Hall of Fame members include Harrison Ford, Tony Gwynn and George Takei”(Hall of Famers include Harrison Ford, Tony Gwynn and George Takei).

Goddess Fame

Fame is also the name by which a goddess from Greek mythology (Feme) is known in Roman mythology. She was in charge of spreading the rumors and the facts of the people, but without distinguishing if it was true or false, hence she was also the goddess of rumors and gossip. It was a winged creature, very fast, with an eye for each feather and a tongue for each eye; he repeated incessantly all that he learned. For this reason, it was not appreciated in heaven, but it was not a creature of hell either, so it inhabited the clouds and lived causing all kinds of misunderstandings among humans.

Fame as a fictional character

Famas are fictional characters that appear in the work of the Argentine writer Julio Cortázar, entitled Chronopios and fame stories (1962). The famas represent the Argentine upper class, and appear interacting together with the cronopios, who are the middle class, and the hopes, the lower class.