Meaning of Yolo - encyclopedia - 2023



What is Yolo:

Known as Yolo to the acronym of the English language that means "You Only Live Once", which in Spanish means "You only live once". The expression Yolo is used in different social networks, with a hashtags (#YOLO), as a life motto, especially used by young people who indicate the enjoy living and taking advantage of all the opportunities life offers.

Yolo presupposes an attitude similar to "carpe diem" which means "enjoy the moment", consequently, the individual must put aside fears and prejudices to take full advantage of each moment provided by life. Now, the use of this philosophy of life leads individuals to act irresponsibly, which can endanger the physical, social and psychological integrity of the individual and other people.

Regarding its origin, it is doubtful since there are different versions on this point. In principle, it is indicated that the expression Yolo began to have popularity with the style of hip hop music, specifically with "The Motto", by the American artist Drake. Other authors attribute the origin of this acronym to Adam Mesh, participant of the reality show "The Average Joe", in 2004.

Others indicate that it was through the song You Only Live Once, by Los Strokes, published on the album First Impressions of Earth. Currently, One Direction fans use the expression Yolo as “You Obviously Love One Direction”, which in Spanish means “You obviously love One Direction”.

On the other hand, there is the music of The Lonely Island, where it addresses the acronym with another point of view, in this case, it means "You Oughta Look Out" which means "You should be careful", indicating that life is short and, because of this, one should not take risks but rather assume attitudes with responsibility.

Likewise, several memes with the expression Yolo emerged, most with the image of risky acts. Due to its exaggerated use or the misinterpretation of the term, today it is rejected by many people.

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swag is a term from the English language that means "Style" "appearance". This expression was coined by rapper Puff Daddy and was later used by other artists, the one who uses it the most is Justin Bieber.

Sometimes, it is observed in social networks, hashtags Yoloswag (#Yoloswag) with the aim of expressing that he has style or attitude, this expression is identified with his way of dressing, tendency towards RAP music, Hip-Hop and in some cases R&B.