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The Activities report It is a detailed report of the day-to-day organizational activities. This report includes data pertaining to production records, costs, resource expenditures, thorough examinations of processes, and even accounting.

This report comes in different time frames, but generally focuses on the short term. The activity report can also be modified by the interested parties, to adapt it to their needs and thus can provide clearer information.

People who work within a company, business partners, suppliers, and customers are potential recipients who can use the information in an activity report.

This regular update can reach many audiences profitably if it is posted online or sent to a large email group via attachment.

Sharing an activity report makes it easier to keep people informed about business conditions, so they can make better decisions.

What does it consist of?

The activity report is a procedural report on the operational details that present the current activity of a work team. Its objective is to support the daily activities of the organization.

The information in the activity report implies essential information about the commitments, routines, position and development of the management team and the project itself.

The work teams carry out the activity reports, including the team members. Even business leaders can make activity reports should they need to provide information and updates to their senior superiors.

In addition, the team secretary is generally designated to generate an activity report. There are also times when the CEO must provide an activity report to affiliated companies.


The activity report is done for several reasons. First, it helps work teams and leaders stay up-to-date with information, allowing them to know the status and progress of the team.

The achievements and problems of the team will also be known, along with future plans, strategies, actions and evaluation.

With the information instilled in the report, team members, leaders and affiliates will be able to compare data, analyze it, generate inferences and conclusions, as well as make rational decisions that will help them achieve their individual and group goals.

Activity reports can also present urgent information, whether new or corrective, that helps the team adjust its plans, strategies, and future actions.

Notice faults

Some business owners rely on the activity report to determine what was lost while out of the building.

For example, the owner of the nursery wants to know if a child was injured. The shop owner wants to know how many clients canceled their appointments because they chose other shops.

How to do it?

Objective, complete, accurate and up-to-date information must be included. These elements serve as pillars for a good report.

Points should be included, such as achievements and problems, as these also help team members and leaders to observe their performance, allowing them to reach their goals.

Accomplishments will reflect your strengths and capabilities and may motivate team members. Problems experienced, whether actual or potential, are also included so that we can talk about possible ways to solve or prevent problems.

The type of information included varies by type of business. An activity report generally reflects the current activity levels of the company. It also reflects, to some extent, the impact of recent business events.

-Categorize the information

An activity report offers different categories of information that you need to know at a glance.

For example, you can include data on employee attendance rate, percentage of positions filled, daily sales volume, number of new accounts opened or closed, debts versus payments collected, and volume of customer complaints.

-Other typical themes

- What are the real threats that are seen? How will they be resolved?

- What management strategies and actions will be implemented to comply with the plans?

- Were the management strategies and actions previously implemented successful?

- What are the strengths and weaknesses when managing the work team?

- What is the trend in management performance? What is the implication for future performance?


Executive Summary

The main points of the report are summarized, such as the topic to be discussed, the data obtained, the data analysis methods and the recommendations based on these data. It is placed so that directors do not have to read the entire report.


It highlights the main topics covered in the report and provides background information on why the data was collected.


Describe the problem and the data that was collected, how it was collected, analyzing the main findings.

It can be divided into subsections, with headings highlighting the specific point that subsection will cover.


It explains how the data described in the body of the document can be interpreted or what conclusions can be drawn.

Suggest how to use the data to improve some aspect of the business or recommend further research.


Lists the resources used to research or collect the data for the report. They provide proof of the points covered and allow you to review the original data sources.


It is optional and includes technical information that is not necessary for the explanation provided in the body and the conclusion, but that supports the findings.


Examples of activity reports include daily bank teller checkout reports, daily account adjustments, daily production logs, traveler per flight logs, and transaction logs.

Sales report

Managers occasionally need to track the amount of sales or the amount of income generated by a particular salesperson.

The sales report provides visibility into the amount of sales and the amount of revenue generated during a specific period of time.

For each day within a period of time, a graph shows the number of orders processed. Another graph shows the income earned for each day.

The sum of the total number of sales orders for each day determines the revenue earned.

Inventory report

An inventory manager may need to know if the supply is sufficient to meet demand and, on average, how long the current supply will last.

The supply days report provides visibility into the estimated number of days the inventory supply will be available, and the total supply and demand.


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