The 80 most common Spanish proverbs (commented) - psychology - 2023



In Spanish, there are infinite proverbs that clearly show the richness of the Castilian language. They can be used in virtually any context and situation, offering multiple vital lessons.

Following we will see 80 Spanish proverbs commented; Although many of them are quite well known, others may teach us something new, as the expression “you will not go to bed without knowing one more thing” says.

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80 Spanish proverbs (and their meaning)

Next we will see several famous proverbs in Spanish used every day by millions of people. Many of these proverbs are widely used in our daily lives, while others, perhaps, are not as well known or have progressively lost use.. However, all of them teach us valuable lessons on how to face life, in addition to the fact that with this extensive list we can expand our general culture a bit.

1. To cry, to the valley

It is a proverb that indicates that we do not want to hear the complaints and laments of others.

2. Who sings, his evil scares

He goes on to say that those who are afraid must face them boldly, with good will.

3. Greed breaks the bag

When you are too ambitious you are likely to lose a lot along the way. Being too ambitious can lead to losses.

4. Whoever follows her gets it

Whoever strives to achieve, who fights for it, can achieve their goal.

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5. Taste is in variety

Always doing the same thing can be very boring. The best thing is to try and discover new tastes.

6. From a mangy colt, a beautiful horse

Over time, old and ugly things can turn into pretty.

7. Ass I see, ass I want

When you see something you don't have, you immediately want to have it. It is the desire and whim of something for the simple fact of not having it.

8. In the absence of bread, cakes are good

In the absence of something, you have to settle for what you have on certain occasions. Despite not having everything you want, you have to be practical and take advantage of what you already have.

9. Who gives the cat the bell?

It is a rhetorical expression that refers to the fact that no one is willing to do dangerous or at least very uncomfortable work.

10. The dog is dead, the rage is over

It means that when there is a problem of which the cause is known, you have to go for it, even if that entails collateral damage. It means eliminating the problem at its roots.

11. Each pig gets its San Martín

Everyone has their end or their just deserved. This phrase is applied above all to people who have done some evil, such as thugs or criminals.

12. The thief believes that all are of his condition

It is said of someone who behaves in a reprehensible way and that that same person thinks that everyone is going to behave the same, using it as a justification for their behavior.

13. Like a stick, like a splinter

This proverb is used to highlight the resemblance between parents and children, both physically and, especially, behaviorally.

14. There is no worse blind than the one who does not want to see

This expression implies that those who do not want to know anything about a topic or a debate are capable of ignoring it completely. It is the act of not wanting to know anything that is being talked about, ignoring the problem.

15. Better late than never

Better that something arrives one day, no matter how late it arrives, than that it never does. Better to settle for delay than for absence.

16. Water that you should not drink, let it run

If something is not going to be used, it is better not to use it. Used mostly to avoid buying things unnecessarily.

17. The best hunter loses the hare

Even the most experienced people on any subject can make mistakes since, no matter how experienced they are, they are still human.

18. There is no evil that lasts a hundred years

In life sometimes we feel bad or have a problem but, very rarely, the problem lasts forever. We live in constant change, both for better and for worse.

19. Evil of many, consolation of fools

If many people are affected by the same thing, usually, the comfort they receive is going to be quite little personal.

20. Clear things and thick chocolate

When something is said, especially if it is an opinion, it should be as clear and unambiguous as possible.

21. Where captain rules, no sailor rules

This expression is used to highlight the hierarchyIn other words, if there are people who have different roles in an organization, family or any group, there are those who have decision-making power and those who do not.

22. To what is done, chest

You must be consistent and responsible with the consequences of our actions.

23. The world is a handkerchief

It is an expression used when an acquaintance is found in a place far removed from where they were met. For example, it can be used when we meet a relative from our own town when we are visiting the other end of the country.

24. Not so much, not so bald

There is no need to have excesses or to be short.

25. On a gift horse, do not look at his teeth

It is used to say that there are those who put problems even when they are given something. You cannot expect to demand perfection in situations that are already an opportunity that should not be missed.

26. Eyes that do not see heart that does not feel

It can be applied in a myriad of contexts, but it indicates that when there is no known bad action perpetrated by a person we care about, such as a lover, not knowing it won't hurt us.

27. Do good and don't look at who

You have to be good people, whoever it is with.

28. The courteous does not take away the brave

You must be polite and speak correctly, but not for this reason not freely express your opinion.

29. He who laughs last laughs best

This saying is said when someone celebrates, in a bad way, something without being completely sure that that something will not change.

30. If I've seen you, I don't remember

It is used referring to someone who pretends not to have seen us, although it is clear that he has done so and has recognized us, but has preferred to pretend that he has not found out.

31. The one who gets up early, God helps him

To get things in life you have to be responsible with tasks and tasks. You have to sacrifice in life to get good results.

32. Old chicken makes good broth

It applies to the elderly person who, thanks to having lived a long time, you are expected to have a lot of good sense, experience and wisdom.

33. Doing and undoing is learning

Throughout learning, new things are learned, but what has been learned is also relearned and understood, when one makes a mistake, why it has been wrong and how to solve it. By doing it again, you will learn to do it well.

34. Bulls are best seen from the sidelines

This expression is used to refer to the fact that, seen from a certain distance, things look easier than they really are.

35. He who has a mouth is wrong

Human beings have opinions and, therefore, we can be wrong. That is, to the extent that we can all have an opinion, we can all be wrong.

36. Wherever you go, do what you see

Must respect the traditions and cultures of the local people where it has gone.

37. He who does not cry does not breastfeed

You have to fight and not settle to get what you want.

38. In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king

People who stand out from others, that is, those who have a talent above the rest, even without being experts or well-known on the subject, may seem to be especially good at it. That is, within mediocrity who is a little better draws attention and seems to be the one who handles the issue.

39. Everyone makes firewood from the fallen tree

It indicates that people tend to criticize someone when that person is going through a rough patch or has made a mistake. People are preying on that person because he has become the target of people's sharp tongues.

40. In a blacksmith's house, wooden spoon

Used to designate those situations in which someone who does have expert knowledge on a subject does not apply it to his or her closest circle. An example of this often happens to psychologists, who do not apply to themselves what they have learned during the race.

41. He who is silent, grants

Whoever uses silence when asking if they have objections is indicating that they are not against it, that is, that they give their consent, even if they do not say so explicitly.

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42. Time heals everything, except old age and madness

Everything in life has a solution, except the passage of time. The "madness" was added to make the expression rhyme, although psychological disorders do have treatments that improve the course of psychopathology.

43. Tell me who you hang out with and I'll tell you who you are

The identity of each one is closely associated and defined by the people with whom it relates.

44. When the river sounds, water carries

When rumors are heard among the people, part of what is said must be true.

45. Think wrong and you will be right

Sometimes being suspicious and thinking badly about certain situations can lead us to the truth.

46. ​​Better alone than in bad company

It's fine to be friendly and outgoing, but you have to know who to accept in our lives. If we interact with someone who does not bring us anything in our lives or who even causes us harm, it is better to be without anyone than with him or her.

47. To bread, bread, and to wine, wine

As with the expression “clear water and thick chocolate”, if things have to be said, they must be said clearly and without double meanings.

48. In bad weather, good face

Against adversity, what you should always do is put a good mood.

49. Whoever makes the law cheats

Whoever has made the laws or who has stipulated what a system is like is, coincidentally, the one who knows how to circumvent it and who, in addition, has stipulated rules that give it certain privileges compared to the rest of mortals.

50. Bird in hand is better than hundreds flying

He comes to say that it is better to keep what you have than not risk it and lose it all.

51. Cost an arm and a leg

It is used to refer to something that takes a lot of effort to obtain, or that you have to pay a great price to get.

52. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today

Do not be lazy. It is better to do the obligations as soon as possible than not to leave it for later and make us more lazy.

53. Much ado about nothing

With this expression the situation in which someone talks a lot but does little is noted.

54. From said to fact there is a long way

From what has been said to what has been done in the end there can be a lot of difference.

55. Do not start the house with the roof

You don't have to start a job or task at the last step. It is used to say that someone is starting off badly.

56. Barking dog, little biter

It is used for those people who try to demonstrate something by speaking but in the end do not demonstrate it with what matters, which are the facts.

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57. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

It is a phrase that comes to justify revenge. If someone has done us wrong, it is fair to return that wrong.

58. You will not go to bed without knowing one more thing

It refers to the idea that every day, no matter how trivial and banal it may seem, something new is learned.

59. Do well and don't look at who

You always have to act well for everyone, without distinction.

60. The fish dies by the mouth

You have to be prudent with what you do, since it is possible to screw up seriously.

61. Although mona dresses in silk, mona stays

No matter how much you try to change a person, his essence will continue to be there, defining him as he is.

62. Full belly, happy heart

Happiness should not be sought beyond the pleasures of life, such as good food.

63. Music soothes the beasts

This expression is said in an almost literal sense: playing music calms us down.

64. Raise crows and they will gouge out your eyes

It refers to how ungrateful and self-centered our own offspring can be.

65. If there is a deal, they can be cat and dog friends

Even if two people get on badly, or hardly have a relationship, they can get to understand each other and do things together, they can even agree. In other words, common interests can be above scuffles.

66. Weed never dies

It is difficult to get rid of people who do the wrong things, or who have hurt us.

67. Raining in the wet

It refers to when a person is in an unpleasant situation, already problematic in itself and, on top of it, more problems accumulate, entering an endless spiral.

68. Throw the stone and hide the hand

It refers to people who are innocent, pure and chaste, but on more than one occasion they have done things wrong, so there is little to judge.

69. The righteous paid for sinners

In a conflict situationThose who ended up losing were those who were not to blame for anything.

70. The devil knows more as an old man than as a devil.

Another proverb that refers to experience and age. Sometimes, things are known by having lived a long time than by being a specialist in the field.

71. A good understanding few words are enough

You don't have to explain things explicitly. Sometimes it is enough to listen to what has been said and for the person to understand, immediately, the details of the situation in question.

72. He who covers a lot little squeezes

Those who propose many things to achieve do not focus on each one of them, they become saturated and cannot finish anything.

73. From caste it comes to the greyhound

With a meaning similar to that of "of such a stick, such a splinter", being used to highlight the resemblance between relatives.

74. To foolish words, deaf ears

We must not allow what someone who does not know about the subject says hurt us. He is ignorant, he does not know about our problem in its complexity.

75. All that glitters is not gold

Not everything is what it seems to be, however beautiful and good it may seem at first glance.

76. Love with love is paid

You always have to give to others what they have given us, both in terms of quality and quantity.

77. Faith moves mountains

People can go very far if we are firm in our beliefs and act accordingly.

78. Whoever sows winds, gathers storms

Whoever is dedicated to spreading hatred and negativity, it is possible that at some point in his life someone will return all the bad that he has sown.

79. What is promised is debt

If something is promised, it must be consistent with what was promised.

80. What does not kill makes you fat

Faced with the bad things that may have happened to us, such as having suffered an accident, food poisoning or a bad relationship, if that has not finished with us, it will make us better prepared for life.