Session Meaning - encyclopedia - 2023



What is Session:

The word session indicates a period or space of time that is occupied by a certain activity, for example, work session, therapy session, photo session, among others.

The word session derives from late Latin sessio, which means ʽseat or chairʼ, therefore it is related to the idea of ​​sitting down or taking a seat in attendance at an event or presentation.

The word session has different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. In this sense, the session is called meetings of congresses or corporations in which a group of people meets in order to take a position on a particular situation.

For example, "The session of this board of representatives was called as an emergency due to the persistence of several technical failures in the company."

On the other hand, session is also understood to be at conferences in which various specialists participate in order to determine a specific position or resolution with respect to a particular issue. For example, "In this afternoon's session new cases of bird flu will be analyzed."

In the area of ​​show and entertainmentLike the cinema or theater, it is also customary to use the term session to refer to the functions that take place during a day and at different times, whether it is a play or film.

For example, "I bought tickets for the afternoon session so we can go out to dinner with our friends after the play."

In computing, the term session is used to refer to the how long a connection lasts on a particular network or system, in which it is necessary to have a username and password, as well as a server.

Session or assignment

Session and cession are paronyms, that is, they have a similarity either by their etymology, sound or writing, however, their meanings are different.

Hence, many people confuse the correct use of the terms session and transfer. Session refers to the length of time in which a particular activity takes place. For example, "The photo session will be on Sunday at the playground."

For its part, assignment refers to the action of voluntarily assigning possession, right or action with respect to something. For example, "The majority shareholder will transfer a small percentage of its shares tomorrow."

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