The best 10 Child Psychologists in Terrassa - medical - 2023



Psychological treatment in children should be especially taken into account by take place at a critical stage in the person's growth, in which any problem that may present may hinder the correct development of the child, if it is not treated correctly and efficiently

The main reasons for consultation that child psychologists receive are usually related to school learning disorders, problems in the child's behavior or emotional, cognitive, or behavioral issues. Thus, to choose the best professional for our particular case, we must first know the type of services they offer and their way of working.

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The most recommended child psychologists in Terrassa

Thus, in the selection that we present below, you will find everything you need to better make that choice about the child psychologist that best suits our therapeutic needs.

1. Nerea Larumbe

The psychologist Nerea Larumbe is an expert in the field of children, has a Master's degree in Paidopsychiatry or clinical child psychology and has training in Systemic Child Trauma Therapy, so she can be considered one of the best psychology professionals in the field of children located in Terrassa.

In her office she attends to children from 4 years old, and throughout a career in which she has combined work in different centers, this professional has specialized in treating child and youth psychological abuse, child sexual abuse and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

  • You will find your query at Calle del Pare Llaurador, number 29.

2. Eduard Bayarri

Eduard Bayarri is a Doctor in Clinical and Health Psychology, accredited General Health Psychologist and has a Master's Degree in Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology. He currently directs the Centro L’encaix de Terrassa, a space where he offers specialized treatment in child and youth psychology characterized by his commitment to the patient and his family, with whom he will work in a coordinated way to obtain the best results.

In your consultation we will find a professional treatment for any disorder that the child may present, especially attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, conduct disorders, and mood disorders.

  • His psychological center is located at Calle de Baldrich, number 69.

3. Nuria Urbano

In the consultation of Nuria Urbano we will find a psychological treatment in the infantile field, as well as specialized in the orientation to parents, adolescents and also in the family modality. For more than 10 years, this professional has specialized in techniques such as Neuro-linguistic Programming, Coaching and different relaxation techniques, with which to improve the lives of her patients.

Regarding their specialties, we can highlight learning disorders, emotional dependence and addictive disorders, especially dependence on new technologies.

  • You will find his workplace at 28 Gutemberg Street.

4. Elisabeth Rayo

The psychologist Elisabeth Rayo is responsible for the psychological area of ​​the RB Psicólogos de Terrassa center, where she offers specialized treatment in the child, adolescent and perinatal area.

Thus, this professional has specialized, throughout her career, in treating all kinds of disorders in the field of child psychology, whether related to learning, emotional and behavioral disorders.

  • His work center is located at Calle Topete, number 35.

5. Mercè Torguet Billiard

The psychologist Mercè Torguet Abillar attends in her private practice to children and adolescents of all ages, as well as to families who need to change any negative dynamics that exist within the family relationship.

You can go to your query if you are interested in the treatment of eating disorders, anxiety disorders, bullying and personality disorders, among others.

  • His private practice is at 28 Gutenberg Street.

6. Patricia Vilchez Las Heras

Patricia Vilchez Las Heras has a Master's degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology and is currently part of the team of psychotherapists at the Think psychology space, where she offers a close and trustworthy treatment.

The main problems addressed in its center are conduct disorders, learning disabilities, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

  • This professional offers her professional treatment at Calle Sant Leopold, number 101.

7. Elena María Caballero

The psychologist Elena María Caballero is specialized in professionally addressing all those problems in the child and youth field that may generate discomfort or frustration in the child himself or in his environment.

The main disorders that are treated in your practice are conduct disorders, especially defiant behavior, aggressiveness, phobias, and deficits in social skills.

  • You will find your query at Calle Arquímedes, number 155.

8. Sophie Karen

The psychologist Sophie Karen is part of the team of psychotherapists at the Isep Clinic center, where she specializes in children and adolescents in any disorder that the patient may present at any stage of development.

Their consultation is based on establishing a therapeutic relationship conducive to treatment with the child, a cognitive-behavioral approach, and a treatment carried out with the family.

  • You will find the center of this professional in Calle Antoni Maura, number 1.

9. Josefina Pérez Marcos

The psychologist Josefina Pérez Marcos offers in her psychological center a specialized clinical treatment in children and adolescents, addressing any problem that may arise in the patient's life.

In your consultation we will find a treatment in three possible modalities: that of psychodiagnosis, child reeducation and classical psychotherapy for mental health disorders.

  • Your query can be found at Avenida Francesc Macià, number 43.

10. Ana Martínez Ginés

The clinical psychologist Ana Martínez Ginés offers a treatment based on trust, security and responsibility with the patient, all carried out professionally and using the best psychological techniques.

Its main specialties are autism spectrum disorders, depression, phobias and trauma in the child.

  • Find your query at Calle Roca i Roca, number 144.