Meaning of Zacatecas - encyclopedia - 2023



What is Zacatecas:

Zacatecas is the name of a Mexican state, municipality, and city. An indigenous people is also called ’zacateca’, its name, Zacatecos, comes from the Nahualt Zacatecah, formed by zacatl ('Grass', a type of grass common in the region that can be identified as 'forage' or 'pasture') and tecatl ('People'), which could be translated as 'inhabitants of the land of the grass'. It is also mentioned that the name is formed by zacatl and 'co' (place ', so it would be translated as' place of much grass. The city was named by the Spaniards at first as "Minas de los Zacatecas" due to its deposits , and later received the title of 'Very Noble and Loyal City of Our Lady of the Zacatecas. ”In Cuba, the funeral agent dressed in livery who attended funerals was called' Zacateca '.

Fresnillo (Zacatecas)

Fresnillo is the name of a municipality belonging to the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. It is the name of a perennial plant, also known by the name of 'white dittany', 'fraxinela', 'tamanqueira' and 'chitán'. Its scientific name would be dictamnus albus. The name 'fresnillo' is a diminutive of the word 'fresno', which comes from the Latin fraxinus. The head of this municipality is the city of Fresnillo de González Echeverría. It owes its name to José Gonzále Echeverría, twentieth century Mexican administrator and politician. This city is also known as 'El Mineral' and 'the silver capital of the world'. The name is 'Fresnillense'.

Jerez (Zacatecas)

Jerez is the name of a municipality in the state of Zacatecas. Jerez is also the name of the head, whose full name is Jerez de García Salinas. The word ’Jerez’ comes from the medieval Castilian ’Xerez’ and in turn from the Arabic شريش (Sherish). Apparently, this term would have its origin in the Persian Xiraza, the name of an ancient colony in Persia. This word means 'place where vegetables abound'. It received this name from the Spaniards who found similarities in this area to the place where the city of Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) is located. "García Salinas" are the last names of the Mexican statesman Francisco Salinas. The name is 'Jerez'.