Vintage Meaning - encyclopedia - 2023



What is the Harvest:

The term vintage is used to refer to time when the grapes are harvested or harvested, which is why it is the exact moment in which the producer decides to collect the grapes that can be used for table grapes or for the production of wine in their different presentations, since these can be more common and current wines in which the price it can be more modest or, those fine wines which can become quite ostentatious.

The word vintage comes from the Latin word "vindemia " which in turn is composed of "vihum " which translate "wine" or "demere”Which has to do with the verbs cut or remove, hence its meaning refers to the moment in which the grape that is going to be used for the production of wines or for consumption at the table is removed, cut or collected.

It is important that the vintage or harvest is carried out at the right time so that the fruit, in this case, the grape is in an unequaled or almost perfect condition, in which there must be a balance between the percentage ratio of sugars and acids, since these must reach the levels optimal for those grapes destined for table.

On the contrary, when it comes to grapes destined for the production of wine, the climatic conditions and their various variants must be taken into account since there are several factors that influence when deciding when is really the best time to pick the harvest or vintage. Within these factors or variants we can find the following: production area, since it is not the same to carry out a harvest in an area of ​​the northern hemisphere to do it in an area of ​​the southern hemisphere, for the first, we have the time from July to October, while for the second is the season from February to April; types of grape: it is not the same to speak of a white grape or black grape harvest, since the first one matured before the second one and, types of wine: the conditions that a grape must have for a general type of wine are completely different from the way it must be harvested and, treated for the elaboration of a finer type of wine, hence the amounts of sugars are played with, as well as, with acidic substances that will influence the elimination of bacteria and conservation of the final product.

There are celebrations for the harvest in various towns around the world, since it is the way to celebrate the harvest of the grapes and the harvest of it, since for the ancestors the wine was a bridge between the towns and the gods, therefore, it was seen as a sacred ritual to be celebrated and respected.

Types of Harvest

  • Manual: it is the most complicated type of harvest that exists, since it is used to make high quality fine and sparkling wines, therefore, the collection is much more complex and must be carried out with greater concern, in order to achieve the best choice of grapes. In the same way, the form of transfer must be much more delicate, which obviously increases the costs of the production of these types of wine, since the qualified labor is much more expensive.
  • Mechanical: this type of harvest is much cheaper than the manual one, as the high costs of the latter and the lack of fully qualified personnel have made it the most widely used for less refined types of wines. For this to be carried out, the harvest must be done in the form of trellises, as well as the so-called late harvest.