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What is Promiscuous:

Promiscuous is a qualifying adjective that is used to indicate that an individual has sexual relations with several people. For example, promiscuous man or promiscuous woman.

But, the main meaning of promiscuous refers to that which is mixed confusingly and without order and, you can also indicate something that can be used in two ways interchangeably, which has two senses.

However, the most used meaning refers to the promiscuous man or the promiscuous woman, which is behavior that goes against good customs and is characterized by its immorality or indecency, generating conflicts within its own environment due to its instability as a couple .

There are also words with a meaning similar to promiscuous and that are used as a synonym, between them, mixed, stirred, heterogeneous, mixed, assorted.

For their part, the words: homogeneous, uniform, defined would, in this case, have an opposite meaning.

On the other hand, the term promiscute It refers to participating indistinctly in heterogeneous or opposite, physical or immaterial things and eating meat and fish in the same meal on Lent days.

As such, the word promiscuity It means mixing, confusion and also coexistence with people of different sex. In this sense, World Health Organization defines promiscuity as "the maintenance of two or more different sexual partners in a period of six months."

Promiscuity is the opposite of monogamy, being promiscuous implies a series of consequences in the individual, the most important and that must be taken into account, before coping with this lifestyle, are unwanted pregnancies and the contagion of some transmitted disease sexual.

The Etymological origin from the word promiscuous comes from Latin promiscÅ­us which is formed with the prefix pro means "before, in favor of", and the stem of the verb miscere that expresses "mix".

In English, the term promiscuous, in terms of its reference to having sex with multiple people, is promiscuous, and to refer to a mix is mixed.

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Be promiscuous

Referred to promiscuous as a person who frequently changes sexual partners, there are no standards to establish whether a person is promiscuous or not.

It is, therefore, a subjective concept that depends on personal interpretation, in many cases influenced by the environment.

There are some statistics that analyze the number of sexual partners that people have throughout their lives. The data indicate that, in general, men have more sexual partners than women.

However, the interpretation of promiscuity, in terms of couple relationships, varies between the cultures of different societies. On the other hand, promiscuity is not as criticized in the figure of the man as in the woman.

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Promiscuous judge

In Law, a promiscuous judge is called a judicial official who attends to matters in all branches of law, and who generally constitutes the first step of the judicial hierarchy.

In some countries it is known as a municipal judge or a lawyer.

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