15 love books to explore your romantic side - psychology - 2023



Emily Love books offer a way to explore the human dimension of affection and the intense emotional ties through literature. Getting lost in its pages is more than just entertainment; allows us to identify aspects of our daily life.

Literature offers us the possibility of seeing different facets of our lives reflected in stories and, from there, reflect and fantasize in equal parts.

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Totally recommended love books

Below you can see a selection of love books that deal with different aspects of the passionate, romantic and tragic that sometimes incorporates this feeling. They are not ordered according to a specific criteria, so feel free to search among them based on your interests.

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1. This is how you lose it (Junot Díaz)

A book about love composed of stories that cover practically all sides of this feeling. Stories of betrayal, loneliness and illusion, and also hopelessness, all of them expressed in simple language, which corresponds to the way of speaking that we use in everyday life.

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2. Love in the time of cholera (Gabriel García Márquez)

One of the best known novels of the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez. The story of two people who, after living apart for decades, consider the possibility of starting a real relationship as they approach old age.

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3. Love lasts three years (Frédéric Beigbeder)

Where does the infatuation stage end and when does the downhill stage begin? The protagonist of this novel is determined that the moment the relationship turns three It is the point of no return from which it is impossible to return being excited.

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4. Like water for chocolate (Laura Esquivel)

One of the best known books on love in Mexican literature. The story, which takes place during the Mexican Revolution, at the beginning of the 20th century, tells about a young woman who, despite being in love with her childhood boyfriend, she is forbidden to marry any man, since she is expected to be the youngest of the sisters, to take care of the eldest of the family when they reach old age. This work is also known for expressing ideas and sensations through the use of parts in which it talks about the cuisine and typical gastronomy of the region.

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5. A walk to remember (Nicholas Sparks)

The love story between a rebellious young man and a teenage girl whose father is a reverend. Little by little the relationship will bring out aspects of the personality of the protagonists that they were unaware of. This is one of the top rated teen dramas by this well known writer, which already has several works adapted to the big screen, this book being one of them.

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6. One plus one (Jojo Moyes)

A surprisingly funny love novel, centered on the story of a single mother who, with so many responsibilities that she can only dream of having a life in which she can be in control and the way in which the fact of meeting a men transform the lives of both.

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7. The Turkish passion (Antonio Gala)

One of the most important aspects of love is the impulsiveness associated with passion. This book perfectly reflects this ingredient of romanticism through the story of a woman who leaves everything for a relationship born on a trip to Turkey.

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8. The Lover (Marguerite Duras)

One of the best known love books, is already part of the classics even though it was published in the mid-1980s. This story is about the relationship of a young woman from a recently ruined family and a well-off Chinese man.

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9. Anna Karénina (Leon Tolstoi)

Considered by Tolstoy the first true novel written by him, the story of Anna Karenina is one of the best known stories about forbidden love in a deeply conservative and patriarchal society. For lovers of romantic stories with a tragic background.

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10. Under the Same Star (John Green)

One of the best-known books on love aimed at a young audience. It explains the story of a teenage couple who, determined to make the most of the time you spend together Influenced by the cancer they have been diagnosed with, they go on a journey together to meet a writer. It has a version adapted to the cinema and released in 2014.

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11. Mischief of a bad girl (Mario Vargas Llosa)

This work, which was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, is a love story about two young people who meet in different parts of the world, agreeing half and living different funny situations based on spontaneity.

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12. Wuthering Heights (Emily Brontë)

One of the love books that cannot be missing from any selection of 19th century works of English literature. It is a classic not only for the quality of the construction of the characters, but also for the way in which the most turbulent facet of love is portrayed.

13. The Bridges of Madison (Robert James Waller)

One of the best novels about mature love, that which is established between middle-aged and older people.The magnetism of the story that is told and the style of narration made this work attract so much attention that the opportunity to adapt it to the cinema appeared, creating another of the best romantic films that exist.

14. The blue princes also fade (Megan Maxwell)

A story about the potential that love has to complicate our lives and, at the same time, give second chances. And it is that meeting being the brother and sister of the members of a couple in their low hours can be a totally frustrating context.

15. My island (Elisabet Benavent)

Despite the fact that it is said that knowledge makes us free, having gone through certain experiences can lead us to just the opposite: seeing how the range of possibilities to choose from is becoming narrower. This is what happens to Maggie, the protagonist of this novel, who tries to keep the past locked up ... with little success, since the emotional wounds of those memories open again and again. However, a second chance at love could change all this.