Meaning of Pampa - encyclopedia - 2023



What is Pampa:

Known as pampas to the flat terrain lacking trees and dense vegetation. The word pampa comes from the Quichua language which means "limitless space."

By extension, as Pampa is known a central province of Argentina, its capital is Santa Rosa. Located in the central region, it is characterized by being one of the least populated provinces in South America, and has 143,440 km² and 260,041 h.

In the area, the agricultural sector is developed, as well as agriculture with the cultivation of wheat, corn, and sunflower. As for livestock, it stands out in the breeding and fattening of cattle, as well as sheep, goats, horses and pigs. Likewise, industries stand out, in the oil industry, dairy products, among others.

On the other hand, there are other administrative or political divisions with the name of pampa, in Argentina and in other countries such as: Pampa Alta (town in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina), Pampa (city of Texas, United States), Pampas ( capital of Tayacaja, Peru), Pampa Aullagas (municipality of Oruro, Bolivia), among others.

In the longitudinal fringes of Chile the Magellan Pampa develops, also known as the cold Magellan plain. It presents similar characteristics with the steppe.

In plural, pampas term given by the Spanish to the ancient settlers of the Pampas region, name given to inhabit the Pampasia or great plains and prairies of the Southern Cone.

Pampas region

Pampa, also known as plain or pampa region, is characterized by being a natural region located throughout Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, with the presence of a wide steppe, and a high level of humidity and a temperate climate. By virtue of the climatic and geographical conditions, this region is characterized by being a fertile area, which allows cultivating various foods.

The Pampas region, formed by the humid Pampa and dry Pampa. The humid Pampa is characterized by its meadows that are located throughout Uruguay, Rio Grande do Sul, and part of Argentina. For its part, the dry Pampa, also known as western Pampa, is a subregion of Argentina.

Pampa and the road

The expression pampa and the road, refers to the individual who does not have money, although it also extends to the poor state of health and mood that an individual goes through.

This popular locution was born in Palermo, specifically in the hippodrome, in which from there there was a tram that took free to Belgrano, in the Pampa, or for 10 cents a round trip, to the participants of the hippodrome. From there another tram left for the center for 10 cents a one-way ticket, but those who had spent all their pennies on horse racing bets had to wait for some charitable soul to help them with the payment of the trip, otherwise they were left stranded in "Pampa and on the road."