Meaning of Swag - encyclopedia - 2023



What is swag:

swag is an English word that refers to a particular style or fashion in the field of rap and hip-hop. In this sense, it refers to a way of dressing and behaving, with a special emphasis on the way of walking.

Like ta, the word swag is a shorthand for the word swagger, with which a particular way of walking, in general, insolent and arrogant. However, in the colloquial use to which we refer, its translation into Spanish, despite its vagueness, would rather indicate that swag is 'have style'.

In the popularization of the term, singers of contemporary musical culture, such as Puff Diddy, a fundamental role is attributed to them in its initial diffusion, while it is considered that interpreters such as Kanye West or Justin Bieber have supported it. Especially the latter, who uses it with certain frequency in their communication on Twitter, obtaining a huge impact among their fans, the calls beliebers.

Some characteristics of the clothing swag They are clothes, comfortable and wide, especially sports, shiny or with designs of Animal Print. Baggy pants, usually well below the waist line, showing part of the underwear; sleeveless shirts and, over them, leather or sports jackets; popular brand shoes, mainly sports; accessories include hats with the visor facing to the side, as well as chains, bracelets and piercings. The intention of this dress is, in any case, to attract attention and show off a look irreverent.

However, the word swag It is also used to tease its detractors, who maintain that the letters that make up the word swag would be the acronym for Secretly We Are Gays, or, translated into Spanish: secretly we are gays.