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Have you ever wondered if someone is in love with you? Love is something very powerful and is capable of skies and mountains all over the planet. And if not, let them tell Princess Mumtaz Mahal.

In 1612, Emperor Shah Jahan married Princess Mumtaz Mahal. She was so beautiful that the poets of the time said that the moon was hidden because they felt ashamed before her. But after the delivery of their fourteenth child, the princess died and the prince was so hurt that he raised the Taj Mahal as a funeral monument for his beloved, requiring up to 20,000 people to finish it.

Today we are going to discuss some signs that men show when they are in love, don't miss any of them, since only one sign can indicate that they like you.

Signs for if he's in love with you

1- He asks you very personal questions

When a man is in love, he is interested in meeting the other person. From your tastes and hobbies, to the plans you have for the future. That, in addition to letting him know what things you have in common, help him to know you better.

So if a guy expresses to you that he likes spending time with you and asks you personal questions, he is likely to be romantically interested. What do you like to do in your free time? Have you ever dated someone? When was your last date? These are questions that a man in love asks.

2- Notice things about yourself that others don't

Guys in love pay attention to every detail related to the girl they like. It does not matter if it is something insignificant. All they want is to be with that special someone. For that reason, you should watch their body language. If he copies your gestures, phrases or movements, it is because he is interested in you and is very aware of you.

In fact, if he mentions details about any conversation they had, it means that he listened to you carefully. The same is true if you notice small changes in your appearance. Like a new haircut or the use of another perfume.

3- He wants to know everything about you

When a guy is attracted to another person, his attitude changes. He will always be ready to pay your special attention; and for that reason, you will want to know a lot about her.

If in addition to asking you personal questions, he is interested in knowing the things you like, what are your favorite activities and even the date of your birthday, it means that he is in love with you.

4- He worries that you are well

When a person is in love, he cares about the welfare of the person he loves; and men are no exception. So if that guy you're interested in is kind, caring, and attentive, you're in luck. Most likely, he is also in love with you.

You don't need to take your worry to the extreme. Nobody wants to date a jealous and overprotective guy. It is enough that he is attentive and respectful, that you know how important and indispensable you are in his life.

5- He wants to spend time with you

One of the most important characteristics to know if a guy likes you is noticing if he likes spending time with you. There is nothing more satisfying for men than being with the woman of their dreams.

So if he calls you frequently and makes an effort to see you, that's a good sign. An invitation to have a coffee, to go to the movies or to dinner, are clear demonstrations of how much he wants to get to know you better. Value their effort and accept the challenge.

6- Proposes future plans

When a guy talks to you about his future projects and ambitions, it means he wants to include you in them. Especially when those plans involve you directly. In fact, according to some psychologists, if a man starts talking about a possible future with you, it is a clear sign that he is in love with you.

But beware. It is not necessary to immediately think about marriage. They can be things in the medium and short term: like traveling or doing activities that you both like. The idea is that they can get to know each other better and see if there is the possibility of entering into a formal relationship.

7- He feels comfortable staring at you

If your date or potential partner likes to maintain prolonged eye contact, it is because they are attracted to you. Most likely, he is looking at your every gesture and expression because he is romantically interested in you.

Long-lasting relationships start with a pleasant exchange of glances, many experts have found. The idea is that it does not become uncomfortable and that you are willing to return the gesture if the feelings are reciprocated.

8- Only see your positive traits

They say that love is blind; And this omen is real When a man is in love, he never thinks about the shortcomings of the girl he likes. On the contrary, he always strives to highlight his virtues, qualities and strengths. For him, the woman he loves will always be beautiful, beautiful, intelligent and special.

Therefore, if your partner does not give importance to the imperfections of your body or personality; and always criticizes with the aim of helping you to be better, you have nothing else to analyze. That man is madly in love with you.

9- You are his priority

Would you like to know if the boy you love feels the same way about you? Every man in love puts his girl first. Without forgetting his own person, he is able to make her the center of his universe, and everything he does will be in order to please her. That is why you must be very attentive.

If your boy strives to provide security and stability, both financially and emotionally, congratulations. You have won his heart. The best thing is that you will have someone who will be willing to listen to you, understand you and support you no matter the situation.

10- misses you when you're away

When a person is in love and has to part with that special someone for whatever reason, it is not easy. After all, the most complex thing about missing someone is that emptiness that is experienced when the other leaves.

That's why, believe it or not, men in love also miss the girl of their dreams. So if he likes you, he will do everything possible to be by your side. If he can't get it, he'll at least try to show you how much he misses you anyway.

11- It is always available

Since time immemorial, human nature has conceived of men as the protective sex. People capable of solving any difficulty with the intention of protecting their special girl. This is why most women dream of the possibility of having their own super hero. One who is always available to come to the rescue when they are in trouble.

Therefore, a man in love is capable of doing this and much more. You will stop whatever you are doing in that moment to give your help, comfort, support and guidance to the woman of your dreams.

12- It has details

When a man loves a woman or just has the intention of conquering her, he will want to surprise her all the time. Your intention will be to show him how important you are to him. Therefore, small gifts are an indisputable sign of his love for you.

It is not about receiving expensive gifts or invitations to dine in fancy restaurants, but a detail that makes you feel special. A simple good morning message, a compliment on how good you look or a gentlemanly treatment are enough.

13- He wants to impress you

When guys are in love or want to win over the girl of their dreams, they always try to impress her. Your intention is to show yourself as brave, cool, interesting, and even daring.

That is why you should pay a lot of attention to their gestures and attitudes. If the guy you're dating starts saying planned things to impress you, or brags about what he's going to do on the weekend in order to get your attention, he's probably in love with you.

14- Value your opinions

As is well known, communication is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. Women like to express their thoughts and emotions, most of them are not afraid to express their opinion when something displeases them. That is why a man in love knows how to value each of the things that his special girl tells him.

For this reason, if the boy you like pays attention to your words, he is able to understand you, he is not afraid to offer you some advice, but above all, he respects your ideals, you are in luck. Most likely, he loves you as much as you love him.

15- He introduces you to his friends or family

When a guy talks about you to his friends and family, and even proudly presents you to them, it is an indisputable manifestation of love. Believe it or not, that means one thing: he wants to include you in his life. And since they are a fundamental part, their intention is to show you as much as they can.

If in addition to that he likes to talk about how attractive, funny, interesting and magnificent you are in front of them, you have won his heart. Value that trust and enjoy every moment with your boy's friends and family.

16- He is interested in your hobbies

An important sign that a man likes you is when he begins to take an interest in your hobbies and hobbies. For example, it doesn't matter if you dislike yoga or watching romantic movies. He will never show it to you or want to belittle you for it.

On the contrary, it will seem interesting to him to discover what you like about all these activities. Not to mention, she'll start to get interested in doing the same under the excuse of spending more time with you. Or simply because he wants to see you happy.

17- He does not mention or look at other girls

A clear sign that will let you know if a man likes you in a special way is his attitude towards you in relation to the rest. For example, if he talks to you the same way he would to anyone else, then he is not interested.

But, if on the contrary, he is flirtatious and avoids looking at or mentioning other women when he is with you, perhaps he likes you more than you think. After all, a boy in love will always do everything possible to show you that you are unique and special in his life.

18- trust you

Confidence is one of the fundamental signals to know that someone really likes you. If your partner or the guy you are dating trusts enough to tell you even the most personal matters, he is definitely in love with you.

After all, when someone is sincere in this way, it means that they feel comfortable around you and want you to support them in the most difficult moments.

Remember that no one dares to tell even the most insignificant details of his life to a person for whom he does not care.

19- smiles at you frequently

When a man is with the person who drives him crazy, it feels so good that he unconsciously reflects that happiness. After all, infatuation and attraction cause the brain to release a series of chemicals related to a person's mood.

Therefore, a genuine smile is an indisputable sign that that special boy thinks of you differently. Especially when you notice that he smiles for no apparent reason. That just shows that your presence makes him feel good.

20- Reply to your messages immediately

There is nothing more annoying than talking to someone via messages and taking hours to respond. Things get worse when he finally writes to you and his reply doesn't seem to show interest in the topic.

However, when a guy is really interested in you, he will keep an eye on your activity on social media. All this with the intention of greeting you or talking about something that may interest you. So if that special guy is looking for a way to keep in touch with you at all times, chances are he likes you a lot.

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