Meaning of Chastity - encyclopedia - 2023



What is Chastity:

Chastity is a temperance behavior that an individual takes on the control of sexual acts and pleasures.

The word chastity derives from Latin castÄ­tas, which refers to "chaste." Among the synonyms that can be used to refer to chastity are the words honor, purity, modesty, decorum or virginity. The opposite of chastity is termed as lust, sensuality or impurity.

Chastity also refers to abstaining from sexual appetite what couples should have before marriage.

However, chastity is an attitude that people can freely and independently take as a fundamental part of their life. These individuals stand out for having solid integrity in maintaining their posture and putting other important activities that are important for personal development ahead of sexual desires.

This attitude can be considered as an example that people are capable of controlling their carnal desires by focusing on other important areas of their lives, thus avoiding debauchery and promiscuity.

On the other hand, chastity has a different connotation if it comes from what is stipulated in the various religious beliefs, in which it is usually an imposing.

For Christians, chastity is a virtue possessed by people capable of controlling their sexual desires and raising their spiritual energy.

That is, the chaste person in Christianity is one capable of mastering his will, feelings, intelligence, decisions, integrating his sexuality, in order to act responsibly and without hurting others.

Chastity is the mastery and knowledge of our being, take care of morals, live prudently, be faithful to our feelings and those we love.

For its part, in Islam chastity refers to both male and female virginity, which must be maintained until marriage. Those who do not comply with this degrade their social status.

See also Abstinence.

Vows of Chastity

The vows of chastity are those that accept and must fulfill those people who voluntarily wish to dedicate their life and love to Jesus Christ. It is a commitment that seeks to set an example that the greatest love that exists is that of God.

Those who are part of the Catholic Church acting as priests or nuns are people who faithfully commit themselves to the vows of chastity and, in which the prohibition of marriage or life as a couple is expressed.

Chastity belt

A lockable iron harness is known as a chastity belt, the shape of which resembles that of a female panty or underwear. In the past, these chastity belts were placed on women in order to prevent them from having sexual intercourse and thus take care of their virginity.