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What is Spurious:

The term spurious is a adjective that refers to everything that is false, distorted, or not authentic. The spurious term is of origin "Spurius"

An example of the definition given to this term can be the elaboration of a spurious report that indicates the government's management during a year based on inventions in order to maintain popular support.

Spurious applies to everything that is false, or illegal. In reference to the above, a cumbersome situation arose in Mexico with former President Felipe Calderón since when he entered the legislature to take office, and delivered his speech from the rostrum, some political parties shouted at him spurious, spurious, spurious! ”.

However, the spurious term dates back years as a social and religious condemnation, since it was a term that pointed to any child born out of wedlock, of a known or unknown father, being also currently used with the same definition.

The term spurious is used in a derogatory way, to refer to how the bastard children are commonly known. Denomination contemplated by the Romans, and they were identified under the letters "S.P", which means "Sine pater", and they had special treatment.

In law, in the past, spurious children had no right to inherit, they were dressed and treated as slaves. Today, the bastard status does not have any difference with the legitimate son since they inherit the assets of their father, as long as he recognizes it before the competent authorities of the country.

In relation to the above, there is the exception in the aristocracy, since by public and notorious facts, it is concluded that the only ones who can enjoy the privileges granted by the nobility are the legitimate children of the King, and not those conceived outside of marriage.

In mathSpecifically in statistics, spurious is the situation in which the measurements of two or more variables are statistically related but do not have a coincidence or coincidence relationship.

Synonyms of spurious are illegitimate, adulterated, forged, imitated, fraudulent, false, among others. For its part, the antonyms of spurious are legitimate, truthful.

Spurious in the Bible

In the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, it is present in different biblical passages:

  • In the book of Genesis, Sarah told Abraham, “Cast out this servant and her son; for the son of this handmaid is not to inherit with my son, with Isaac ”.
  • “A bastard shall not enter the congregation of Jehovah; not even in the tenth generation will he enter the congregation of Jehovah ”(Deuteronomy 23: 2)
  • "The great sons of Gilead with his wife drove Jephthah out, saying to him: You shall not inherit in our father's house, because you are the son of another woman" (Judges 11: 2).