Meaning of Free Software - encyclopedia - 2023



What is Free Software:

software free is a computer program where the user who owns the program has the freedom to copy, modify, redistribute and distribute it for the benefit of a community.

software free does not mean that it is free although they can also be. software free comes from freedom or 'freedom of expression'And it entails 4 fundamental freedoms to be considered a software free:

  • freedom to run the program no matter what the purpose is.
  • freedom of access to the source code: this means the possibility to study and modify the program.
  • freedom to redistribute the program and
  • freedom to distribute copies of modified versions.

If the execution or use of a software that is considered free is connected to the execution of another that is not, then it should not be considered free but rather a deception practice called "tivoisation", "blocking" or called by the companies concerned as "safe start".

The softwares free are generally associated with gratuity but the commercialization of softwares free is also common and plays an important role in the systematized improvement of programs.

The softwares Free are also characterized or known because they can be downloaded, generally free of charge, through the Internet. Some examples of free software are:

  • LINUX: operating system
  • Open Office: analogous to Windows Office programs that is proprietary software.
  • Gimp: image editor
  • Ubuntu: operating system
  • VLC: media player
  • Jquery: library that facilitates the programming of the Javascript language.

See also Jquery.

The advantages of a software free is your low cost and its flexibility of customization and modification if there is any mistake. The disadvantage of free software is precisely the modification, since for a person who does not have minimal programming knowledge I wouldn't know what to do if an error pops up.

Skype for example is a software free but not a software free.