25 betrayal phrases (in a friendship or in a couple) - psychology - 2023



When honesty is conspicuous by its absence, some people take the liberty of lying and cheating, either from behind or directly to the face.

Betrayal occurs when someone we thought we trusted plays a trick on us, speaking ill of us or failing to a commitment that he had acquired. Betrayal can cause a lot of discomfort and sadness, and it is that many individuals place all their trust in that person, be it a friend or a boyfriend or girlfriend, and are tremendously disappointed.

Famous phrases about the betrayal of a partner and friendship

Friendship can be shattered into a thousand pieces when betrayal occurs. Betrayals are often related to infidelity and disloyalty. When a betrayal occurs in the yes of a dating couple, it is usually caused by marital infidelity.

Although betrayals can be of different types and have different circumstances, various writers and thinkers in history have left famous quotes about betrayal. In this article we will discover the most remembered and that best illustrate this unpleasant feeling of having been deceived.

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1. No matter how faithful one wants to be, he never fails to betray the uniqueness of the other to whom he is addressing. (Jacques Derrida)

A famous quote from the French philosopher that opens our point of view.

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2. Whoever bows to being a traitor will later return to his agreement. (Tirso de Molina)

The Spanish writer leaves us this phrase to reflect on.

3. In the psychological analysis of great betrayals you will always find Judas Iscariot's mindlessness. (Antonio Machado)

The Spanish poet reminds us of one of the most famous traitors in history.

4. Many of them, to please tyrants, for a handful of coins, or for bribery or bribery, are betraying and shedding the blood of their brothers. (Emiliano Zapata)

The Mexican revolutionary talks about how traitors sell themselves to the powerful for moral and material misery.

5. All those who are afraid or all who think they will betray in some way are moderate. (Ernesto Che Guevara)

According to the Argentine Marxist leader, only in radicalism is the firmness of convictions found.

6. If you complain that I betray you, find me enemies I may hate. (Pierre Corneille)

The French poet makes us reflect on the loss of trust in a close friend.

7. He who wants to be a tyrant and does not kill Brutus and he who wants to establish a free state and does not kill Brutus's children, will only keep his work for a short time. (Nicholas Machiavelli)

If you want to guarantee that you won't be betrayed, nip any suspicious items in the bud.

8. There are daggers in the smiles of men; the closer they are, the bloodier. (William Shakespeare)

No one can be trusted but yourself.

9. Those who let the king knowingly err are worth traitors. (Alfonso X the Wise)

If in your environment you have people who keep quiet when they should warn you, think about changing friends.

10. A single betrayal is enough to begin to mistrust even the most loyal. (Fred Rogers)

Don't take mistrust to an extreme.

11. You can betray me once. One time only. (Isaac Hayes)

Never again let them take advantage of your trust.

12. We laugh at honor and then we are surprised to find traitors among us. (Clive Lewis)

To be honorable, we must first give it the importance it deserves.

13. Just thinking about betraying is already a consummate betrayal. (Cesare Cantú)

The simple fact of raising it already makes you a traitor, according to the Italian historian.

14. If you betray your partner, betray all the foundations on which your credibility as a human being is based (Ruth Gatling)

On infidelity in the courtship.

15. More betrayals are committed out of weakness than out of a firm intention to betray. (François de La Rochefoucauld)

Laziness and comfort can also lead to betrayals by default.

16. The time is coming when good repute is the exception and treason is the norm. (Mario Vargas Llosa)

The writer complains of living in a time plagued with imposture.

17. Infidelity is like being a partner with someone and stealing money from the box. (Fernando Sabino)

About the rudeness of cheating on someone.

18. Infidelity is deception. It is breaking an affective-sexual pact that you had with your partner. Fidelity is not an absence of desire for others, but something more than love, it is an act of will; that's where reason comes in, I decide to be faithful with self-control and avoidance at the same time. If I need to have a lot of people, besides my partner, then I should look for a partner who thinks like me. (Walter Riso)

The writer explains his point of view about the betrayal of a partner.

19. Jealousy can forgive everything except suspicion of infidelity. (Augusto Roa)

Relationship problems are accentuated when jealousy intervenes in the relationship.

20. Betraying a friend is such an immoral act that the person who commits such a misdeed should never look up from the ground. (Facundo Cabral)

A radical vision of the Argentine writer.

21. I love betrayal, but I hate the betrayer. (Julius Caesar)

An original reflection of the Roman emperor.

22. We must distrust each other. It is our only defense against treason. (Tennesse Williams)

A sad but true phrase. Only our insight can keep us from being betrayed.

23. A traitor can betray himself and unwittingly do good. (JRR Tolkien)

A paradox from the hand of the creator of The Lord of the Rings.

24. A man cannot have a worse destiny than to be surrounded by treacherous souls. (William Burroughs)

If you have had to live near many people who are not to be trusted, hide and protect yourself.

25. With the ashes of the traitors we will build the Homeland of the humble. (Eva Peron)

Argentine politics leaves us with an ambitious phrase to plan the future.