The 101 Best Phrases of Dear John - science - 2023


I leave you the best Dear John quotes, romantic film based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, directed by Lasse Hallström and starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried.

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1- Today, you are here with me.

2- Dear John. Most nights I fall asleep worrying about you, wondering where you could be out there. But not tonight. Tonight you are here with me.

3- Letter number thirty-three ... Dear Savannah. The good news is that we have been sent to a new place, although I can't tell you where it is either.

4- The bad news is, this new place actually makes me miss the old place. But there is a full moon here tonight. And it makes me think of you.

5- I am not the good cook, my mother is. She makes it, wraps it and ships it, I just heat it up.

6- As I said, life is expensive. My parents sold the beach house last year to help with medical costs. It has only gotten worse since then.

7- At first, I just wanted to help. I started coming as much as I could to help him out with Alan. To give you a shoulder to cry on.

8- I don't care about them, I care we What happened to "Together", John? What happened to that leap that we are about to take "together"?

9- Don't look at him John, Look at me.

10- It is selfish of me to act as I am doing. I get it. This is not even about me. You are the one who has to make the sacrifice.

11- At first I loved chasing those coins those mules with my father. We finally had something to talk about, something we could do together.

12- Then I became a teenager and well… you know how I am.

13- I'm not traveling all the way to Wooster for another damn coin show dad. God!

14- You spent all our money on those stupid coins. How about you buy a working refrigerator?

15- There is something I want to tell you. After I was shot, do you want to know what the first thing I thought of before I passed out? Coins.

16- I am a coin of the army of the United States of America. I was minted in 1980, I was cut from a metal plate, I was stamped and polished, my edges were beveled and embroidered but now I have two holes in me, I am no longer fit.

17- Before everything turned black, do you want to know what was the last thing I thought about? Your.

18- I think you are the type that everyone likes.

19- Long periods of boredom, small spaces of fear.

20- You shouldn't be so hard on your father. He loves you, I can see it, even if I don't tell you.

21- They are not afraid of me, they fear the person I used to be.

22- I promise you, everything will end soon and I will return.

23- Dear John. Two weeks together was all it took. Two weeks to completely fall in love with you. Now we have been separated for a year, but what is a year compared to two weeks like that?

24- I had this idea, this dream. I want to open a camp, a summer camp for autistic children. A place where they can learn to take care of horses and where horses learn to take care of them.

25- Have you heard about the meaning of horses, how horses can feel danger, evil?

26- Alan did not say much, his horse did not either, but they understood each other perfectly.

27- Dear Savannah. Today I received seven of your letters at the same time, so today was a good day.

28- No matter where I am or what I am doing, this full moon will always be the same size as yours, on the other side of the world.

29- I miss you so much that it hurts.

30- When I was a child I woke up every day hoping that this would be the day my mother would return. I waited for fifteen years.

31- I think the worst thing you can say about your father is that he tried to protect you too much. He's a good father, isn't he?

32- Can I comment? Does my opinion matter?

33- I had a plan but now I just don't have it and I don't know what to do! I just know that all I want is to stay here.

34- You know? Every time I sat down to write you a letter I thought about what I would have given to be able to say all those things to you in person, but now, here you are, and I can't think of a good thing to say to you.

35- Please do not feel guilty, you have already done too much.

36- I hate circumstances, but I'm glad you're finally home.

37- You only have a few days left Why are you wasting them here with me?

38- One more night together and then spend five more months apart, right?

39-If I had known that he would stay with you I would not have treated you like that.

40- Dear John. I'm sorry I haven't written to you in so long. I have spent the last two hours looking at a blank page not knowing what to write. In fact, it has been two months, I want you to know that what I am going to say is very difficult for me so please, please forgive me.

41- There is nothing to talk about. She met someone else.

42- If I had been there, if I had found it before, would it have made any difference?

43- Do you remember that dad, our trip to Philadelphia?

44- It's so good to see you, here, alive.

45- I lost everything they had in life, it is gone. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry all this happened while you were away.

46- She still loves you, don't you know? It's more than clear, you just need to see her face.

47- I wish it were not true, but she never looked at me with the same eyes that she looked at you.

48- Why didn't you call me, do you think I didn't deserve more explanations than a letter?

49- Routine? I do freezer weights, shoot large animals for sport. Your boyfriend deserves to know that details, doesn't he?

50- Don't lie to me, that's the only thing you can't do, don't look me in the eye and lie to me.

51- You could have given me the opportunity to try to make you change your mind, don't you think you owed me at least that?

52- Just having heard your voice would have made me change my mind.

53- Tim was sick, he was sick and he needed me.

54- I was alone and had no idea what I was doing.

55- Tell me what to do, tell me what you want me to do and I will do it.

56- See you soon then.

57- All I'm saying is that they recruited us, they trained us for five years, they told us we were the best of the best, but when a war breaks out, the least they do is send us there. What's the point of that?

58- Let me understand this well, sergeant. I am handing you a ticket back home and you are saying "no thanks" because you want to return another year there?

59- I did not plan this, I did not know this was going to happen to me, but it happened.

60- I picked up the phone thousands of times to call you, do you think I wanted to be in front of you like this?

61- I even have the first letter you wrote me.

62- I say it and you repeat it, as we used to do. Just say it.

63- I only have one condition, all mules must stay together. Sell ​​them as a group or keep them, but they should stay together.

64- All but one.

65- I don't know where in the world you are now, and I know that I lost the right to know it a long time ago.

66-Time to finally be able to go home. Time to spend with your child. Time to say goodbye.

67- I promise to tell you everything. Be patient, letters can be a little late.

68- I cannot go to a post office here, there is no such thing as internet either; so I have to airmail the letters to you.

69- No, don't read it now, read it when I'm gone.

70- At least he tried.

71- One thing I learned from time, from those weeks that I spent with you and from the last two months that I spent with him. It's that eventually time is running out.

72- He is not retarded, he is autistic.

73- How about you write it? I will see to it that you receive it.

74- I didn't want to make you feel like this, I had no idea what I was talking about, I'm not a doctor.

75- You wrote the first letter so I wrote mine.

76- That way when we least know it, we will see each other again.

77- Everything around me makes me miss you.

78- Do you remember that ability that you told me horses have to feel danger? Well my dad has it too.

79- A mule, a failed coin, sometimes they make these kinds of mistakes.

80- Do you want advice, from father to father? Stay with it, keep it. Pass it on to your child and have him pass it on to yours. So then in about 30, 40, 100 years, your mule will be worth much more than the $ 4,000 it is worth now.

81- Stay with me, look into my eyes, do not faint, do not faint! DOCTOR!

82- It was you. I love you dad.

83- Sorry, sorry, I can't do this, I need to get out, I need to get out of the car!

84- Goodbye Savannah.

85- No, that will not happen, they are already engaged.

86- I'm not as good as you think.

87- I say swear words, well I don't say them out loud but I do say them constantly in my head.

88- I think you are too good for me.

89- I know that it does not matter how much time passes, or whatever you are doing. One thing will always remain real.

90- My whole life is here. I owe you one.

91- Can I at least offer you a beer from my house?

92- I'm not your type, it's just that you don't know yet.

93- I am almost of the family, I have known him since he was born.

94- I wonder why the moon is so big when it is rising but so small when it is already in the sky.

95- It's just a matter of perspective, it doesn't matter where you are in the sky or where you are in the world, if you raise a hand and close one eye… it will never be bigger than your thumb.

96- Wow, you made your own fire, that was very impressive, very “primitive”.

97- I know you made lasagna, it's Sunday….

98- I'm just curious to know where you come from.

99- I'm dying John.

100- I have lived with my father all my life. Do you think I don't know that he is normal?

101- Are we okay, I don't change anything?

102- I will be transferred, it has nothing to do with what happened, my duty as captain here is over. It's just that I miss my family.

103- I'm going to re-enlist, I think I'll make a career out of this.

104- No, I did not succeed, I tried but it only lasted a summer before my parents gave up.